Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube Vanced is a native Android app that makes your YouTube experience better!

Such features include:

  • Background Playback (even screen turn off)
  • Picture in Picture or floating window
  • Black AMOLED Theme
  • Ads blocking (requires enabling)
  • Override max resolution (allow playback of video with a resolution higher than your screen)
  • Dowloading videos or MP3 files

Google won't allow to use their content with better features to be on Play Store. So don't look for it on the Google Play Store. Those are fake apps.

You can only download and install YT Vanced from APK which can be found at our website.

  1. Download the YT Vanced APK from Home page
  2. Navigate to device Settings > Security and allow installs from Uknown Sources.
  3. Install the YT Vanced from the downloaded APK.
  4. Launch the app and start using.